See How Social Media Causes Depression And Anxiety In Teens!

See How Social Media Causes Depression And Anxiety In Teens!

No matter where you go, no matter what the occasion is, you see your kids on phone. Parents these days irrespective of the place find their teenagers highly involved in their smart phones. Ever thought what is so interesting about their phones that they forget the world behind that?

Social Media was basically created to help people stay connected with the ones miles away. Somehow teenagers are using it as a medium to lay their luxurious and happy lifestyles. This is the exact reason why teenagers are socially pressurized to eat, look and live in a way that is appealing enough to others, the ones added in the social media friend list. Excessive of social media usage leads to depression and anxiety in teens. The main reason for them getting depressed is not able to maintain their false image on different social media platforms.

Causes of Social Media Depression
Below are three primary reasons that cause Social Media Depression:

1. Pressure to sink in:
The ones who are always online on social media feel pressured to share each and everything they have, mainly pictures of them. No matter which family background they come from they share the same urgency to showcase that they have a happening life.

2. Limited Social Skills:
The pressure doesn’t end this way, the urge to come up with a new thing every day in terms of post, captions and pictures is what makes teenagers feel that they have constraint social skills and need to come up with better things to be recognized socially.

3. Cyber Bullying
Sometimes it is not only about the pressure but also about peer pressure which makes them anxious. Not only this but also there are other reasons like being bullied or harassed by other people of the same or different age.

Symptoms of Depression
The below are some symptoms of depression that one must look for in their teen if they are too much involved in Social Media:
• Mood Swings
• Suicidal thoughts
• Feelings of hopelessness
• Insomnia
• Visible weight loss or weight gain
• Social Isolation
• Lack of self care
• Difficulty in decision making
• Feeling Tired

How to deal with depressed teenagers?
In order to deal with depression in teens one need to talk to them about the way they are feeling, about their anxiety. Talking to your teenager is the best way to know what are they doing in their life and what do they feel about different things going in their lives. Also by talking to them you can convince them to limit the internet and social media usage. Before you talk to them make sure you are in a good mood and always remember not to over react.

How to monitor your teen’s social media activity?
If you think your kid is behaving in an unusual manner and is not telling you anything even after asking then you need to keep a track on their activities, this is the way you’ll get to know the problem they are facing. The best way to do this is to monitor your kid’s activities of their social media and this is possible only if you take help of some cell phone monitoring application.

From installation of a cell phone monitor app you’ll be able to keep a watch on your kid’s social media activities. Not only that but also you’ll be able to track their messaging chats, text messages, call logs, emails, browser history etc.

Best MOnitoring Application available in market:
There are n numbers of monitor apps available in the market to name some best ones are:
• Mobistealth
• Myspy
• Flexispy
• XNSpy

See how these applications are there to make your life better and easier. With the help of them you’ll be able to keep your kids safe and will prove to be better parents.

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