MSpy is one of the most popular Cell Phone Spying Software of 2018 that individually can fulfill all your spying requirements containing teen and employee monitoring. MSpy provides you overall remote access to the targeted desktop and cell phone you wish to monitor. Scroll down to read the full reviews:

1. It tracks text messages.
From message information, message type, contact details, time span, everything can be monitored and is sent to your dashboard.

2. Call trace information is provided by them.
The name, contact number, duration of calls is being monitored and you can even block the number which you find is unwanted.

3. You can easily monitor social media networking activities.
You can trace the social media networking activities via dashboard Mspy’s online monitoring.

4. Email notification can be traced.
It keeps a track of incoming as well as outgoing emails with name and contact details.

5. Offers GPRS tracking services.
You can easily trace the precise location and route history of your loved ones.

6. It tracks instant messaging applications.
From whatsApp to tinder, skype to snapchat, every detail of messages can be traced easily.

7. Can easily keep track of internet usage.
From bookmarks to browsing history and recently viewed portal, every detail can be monitored via Mspy.

8. Address book and calendar can also be monitored.
The contact details with name and number saved or removed can be easily monitored.

9. Applications and programs installed and removed can be monitored as well.
With the complete information of what application is being installed and removed. You can also block the application, you don’t find appropriate for your teen or child.

10. Can also capture keylogs.
On the online dashboard you can view the keystrokes that are typed very recently and frequently.

11. Remotely captures screenshots and sent you details on dashboard.
All the offline and online activities of your teen or employees can be traced by getting a screenshot update on your dashboard.

12. Application usage can be monitored.
The tracing of proper time your teen spend on particular application or program is being monitored very easily.