Know The Five App Your Teen Should Not Have

Know The Five App Your Teen Should Not Have

Technology has made our life so easy, it has given us many comforts, smart phones being one amazing creation of technology. Can we now imagine our life without our smartphones? we cannot, we just cannot as it has become a part of our day to day life. A big thanks to the digital communication industry which has made our lives simpler and comforter. And you know what’s the best part about a smartphone? It is they might not be liked by all the age groups but are popular among all and why won’t it be when it serves all their purposes.

Advantages Of Smart Phone:

• Keeps one entertained
• Acts as a portable Internet service
• Helps one stay connected with the world
• It helps ordering food, clothes, grocery etc.etc
• It has inbuilt camera which means you don’t need to carry an extra camera.
• It saves a lot of time as it provides one with endless time saving Applications.

Though there are many advantages of a smartphone, there are disadvantages too as it has largely affected teens.

Teens and Mobile Phones:

Mobile Phones and Teenagers have become two inseperable things. They are these days literally addicted to their cell phones and yes, they do consider their cells as an essential part of their life, they cannot live without. A study conducted by Pew Research Centre stated that 78% of the teens age group of 12 to 17 years have their personal cell phones.

Teenagers are more influenced by the trending stuffs on the internet and this is the reason why they end up seeing everything and anything. Often few of the things they see and holds access to are the things they should be at bay from. Not all the Apps and everything on the internet is good for them. Cell phones have made a great imapct on the teenagers lives and it is nearly impossible to take that device away from them but obviously one can limit it’s usage. And the Apps inappropriate for them should be restricted.

Few Apps that your teen should not have access to

1. Snapchat

Snapchat is a really popular App these days and is for sure found in plethora of teenagers phone, installed. But then it is a app where images or messages sent gets deleted within few seconds and thus it’s quite dangerous. This auto delete feature in this app can be a medium for seating and thus it is an unecessary app for your child.

2. Tinder

Tinder is a Dating App. Ist your teen ready for dating? well even if he or she is this App can prove wrong to him as this application uses mobile phone’s GPS to track nearby users and also it requires a connection to one’s Facebook profile. Hence, we can conclude that it is specifically designed App for adults and teens should be kept away from this.

3. Yik Yak

This is an intersting App as this app helps one message people nearby without revealing the identity, which means both the sender and the reciever will be anonymous here. So obviously this is a kind of risky app for the teenagers as this App can help online predators help infulence kids. So make sure your kid doesn’t have this App in his phone.

4. Whisper

This app is also an anonymous confession app and is somewhat similar to Yik Yak. So like Yik Yak this app too should not be downloaded by your teen.

5. Omegle

Talk to strangers is what the tagline of this App says. Why let your teen talk to some stranger and get into trouble? This app has a lot of fraudsters and they convience people to share their personal information. So this again is a no no App for your Teen.

So now you know how important it is for you to keep a track on your kids phone. Obviously if you’ll have all the information about what your kid is doing you’ll be able to keep him safe and sound from all the online crimes.

How can a parent keep a tack of their child’s phone activities?

Technology if has created a problrm by inventing smart phones it has with it provided us solution too. So get the solution and be at peace. The solution is the Mobile Monitoring Software, which let’s you know all your kid do.

Benefits Of Monitor Software In Mobile

Cell phone Monitoring grants manny feature for you to help monitor all the activities of your child, whether he tell you or not, you know it all! following are some of the features:
• SMS Tracking
• Call Tracking
• Whatsapp Tracking
• GPS location Tracking
• Multimedia File Tracking
• Browser History Tracking
• Phone Book and Calender Tracking

Now that you know how beneficial and important is to get a Monitoring App get the best one to keep your child safe and for you to be tension free and a good parents.

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