iKeyMonitor is a mobile smart phone monitoring software program that facilitates you monitor for your teens, employees or your family. This software has particularly been designed for surveillance cause and presents complete access to all necessary records wished so that you can spy a cell phone. The excellent element about using iKeyMonitor is that you may experience the perks of all its services without even leaving a clue at the targeted cell phone.

Some Great Features of iKeyMonitor

1. iKeyMonitor Tracks Call Logs And Messages
Call log: With time, date and call duration, you can access all the incoming and outgoing calls.
Sms tracking: Containing time, date and information of sender, you can trace all sent and received message information.
Contact watch-list: Through instant alert, you get a notification of suspicious callers whom you have put on watch-list

2. iKeyMonitor Traces Instant Messenger Chats Along With Multimedia Files
Facebook Messenger: Through Facebook messenger application and web, you can read all messages being exchanged
Whatsapp: Full access to all Whatsapp messages with pictures shared, calls, and
Instagram: All photos on Instagram which is uploaded using an Android Phone can be traced
iMessage: Every received and send iMessages can be traced by you.
Skype: Skype outgoing and incoming messages can be monitored easily by you.
Viber: With viber images you can also track all messages and calls
Kik Messenger: Kik send and receive messages can be traced easily.
Tinder: Tinder inbox messages can be traced easily by you.

3. iKeyMonitor Tracks Gps Location
Real-time Location: With the help of iKeyMonitor trace the exact location of your loved ones
GPS Location History: Keep an eye on every locations recently visited by your family or employees to protect them from any mishap.

4. iKeyMonitor Spy on Emails And Other Online Activities
Email Conversation: Every email sent or received from the targeted phone, can easily be traced by you.
Gmail: Access to Gmail Application installed on the Android Phone can be traced by you easily
Web Browser History: From the URL currently visited to all the web history, you can tack easily.
Bookmarks: Saved bookmarkers on the web browser can be traced by you , so keep an eye.

5.iKeyMonitor Provides Call And Surrounding Recording
Record Calls: Record calls remotely and you can also download the recording from your online dashboard to listen.
Record Phone Surroundings: To hear all the surrounded noises, you can secretly turn on the microphone of the cell phone you are targeting.

6. iKeyMonitor Grants Access to Saved Pictures, Videos and Entries Marked on the Calendar
Images: Through iKeyMonitor you can access all the saved images in both internal and external storage.
Videos: Saved videos on the targeted smart phone can be tracked by you very easily
Calendar: Check every entries which are saved on the calendar remotely.

7. iKeyMonitor Provides an Extra Privilege to Control the Targeted Smartphone Remotely
Phone locking: Lock your teen’s or employees cell phone remotely when they are working or studying.
Data Erasing: You can even erase inappropriate data from your teen’s or employees cell phone remotely.
Screenshot: Receive live screenshot of updates on your online control panel
Application blocking: You can block inappropriate applications from your teen’s phone.