Disclaimer And Privacy Policy

Disclaimer And Privacy Policy


The details mentioned by us for every software are created for legal use only. Even though in several countries such as USA, mobile spying is intended to be legal, but some legal laws are different from one country pr location to another.

So before grabbing and using any sort of spying software for mobile, we would suggest you to consider the privacy law very carefully and the best would be if you discuss the legality of any software with your legal advisor. Also it is advisable to go for the permission of cell phone user before spying. If failed that would consider fraudulent activity and violator can enforce strict criminal and monetary penalties.

Privacy Policy

At Topspyreviews.com, we are dedicated to secure and maintain privacy of visitors. However, we are providing and promoting as affiliates various premium brands and are not responsible for any monetary or criminal penalties. As any change or charges taken and content mentioned in the brands website, we are nowhere attached to it and take no responsibility of such actions. This website is designed to just guide you and help you in choosing the right App as per your requirement but we are not liable to any sort of payments or change in the policy of the brands. Therefore, we would recommend you to go through the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the particular brand you are choosing.