Cyber Bullying: Why Are Teenagers The Easy Target?

Cyber Bullying: Why Are Teenagers The Easy Target?

Is your kid being bullied and you have no idea? He must be crying for help but you can’t hear. Well, before it’s too late, have a grip and track them using a monitoring Software.

Any kind of threat one receives online or through any digital communication is considered as Cyber bullying. Also it includes posting any mean or explicit stuff of an innocent person, online. Sharing someone’s private and personal information to humiliate or harass them in public is a part of bully.

Below are some examples of Cyber Bullying:
1. Spreading false rumors about an innocent
2. Posting of threatening messages online
3. Sharing a person’s private information
4. Stalking or trolling someone online
5. Posting embarrassing videos and photos of people

How Cyber bullying is different from other kind of bullying?
Today when access to technology is so easy and so often, it gets difficult to escape bullying kinda stuff over internet. If one is being humiliated offline, say in a place, the person feeling uncomfortable can anytime leave the place but it get difficult to escape for victims online. Online humiliation is worst of it’s kind. Also few results in suicide and other mishaps.

Why are teenagers the easy targets?
Teens as we all know are more interested in trying new things. Also they are found spending their most of the time on social media accounts. Also they have a larger group of friends both online and offline. On social media they exchange messages and also private information with individuals they hardly know. The main reason about them being an easy target is their reckless behaviour. They are often seen sharing pictures which these days is one of the extreme reasons for bullying.

Signs that your kid may be a victim of Cyber Bullying:
If you have any doubt or you are suspicious of your kid then you must look for signs, given below:
a) Have suicidal thoughts
b) Skips school
c) Have lower self confidence level
d) Get violent in the long run
e) Use alcohol and drugs
f) Have a poor health
g) Performs poor in school

If these signs are what you sensing in your kids then you must take some instant action. It’s better to act for an awful situation in advance. Once situation out of control, you get helpless!

How can kids escape Cyber Bullying?
Following points is kept in mind can reduce the chances of online bullying for kids:
 Never share your personal data with friends, you have made online.
 Never share your passwords with any of your friend except family members.
 Receiving a threatening post, don’t revert instead seek adult help.
 Never open email from unknown sources
 Avoid sending rude messages online, be polite.
 Never upload anything online which you think would harm you in any way.

What can Parents do?
As a parent, you can do a lot to protect and save your kids from Cyber bullying. These are the following things you can consider to take care of:

Make sure you be there with your teen when they are creating some online account for them. Don’t let them share anything personal there.
Keep a check on their friend list and if you someone new, ask them about him.
Be frank and open to them, ask them what they know about Cyber bullying, tell them what you know too.
Make them believe that you’ll be with him, no matter how worse the situation is.

No matter how frank and open and cool parent you are kids will always lie and hide about their personal information. But being a parent you need to know them, you can by simply tracking.

How to track him without his knowledge?
Parenting is not an easy task. We understand, it’s about always being worried. By questioning them much you might lose their trust in you, so confronting then is a big No No. So the other way is to track them and they don’t get to know. This way you can keep an eye on their online activities. There are various mobile monitoring apps for this help, available in the market. These apps help you monitor messages, web browser, call logs. Location etc.
Cell phone monitor app is a well organized way to monitor your kid and protect them from any kind of Cyber Bully.

How can Mobile Monitor Apps helps you save your kid from Cyber Bully?
The main thing that you need to understand is that you need to have access to their information if you want to protect them from Cyber bulling. So, Phone monitoring apps helps you track your teen’s emails, call logs, IM chats, text messages, and even multimedia files like videos and photos saved on their phone.
So if you are a parent looking for a monitor product then mSpy, FlexiSpy and Spyzie are some of the best known and termed monitor Software available in the market.
So act before it’s too late! Mobile monitor app is always at your service.

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