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Cocospy App
Cocospy App
Cocospy App

Cocospy Review - Best Spy App for Monitoring Software & Tracking in 2021

  • Iphone
  • Android
  • Windows

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Messengers tracking:
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Viber
  • Skype
  • iMessage
  • WeChat
  • Instagram
  • Hangout
  • Tinder
  • Telegram

Cocospy App app Basic features

Feature Availability
Call Logs
View photos
View videos
Access to music
Web urls
GPS Location
Geo Fencing
Installed Apps
All Deleted Messages

Cocospy App app Advanced features

Feature Availability
VOIP Call Logs
Listen to live calls
Record calls
Record phone surrounding
Spy on passwords
Remote control
Live control panel
Software Updates
SIM change notification
Installed apps
Website blocking
Apps blocking
Incoming calls blocking
Bug/lock phone

The Cocospy Spy Application is one of the top spy applications on the market; It is stealthy, easy to use, AND all features can be used with Cocospy’s Android spy app without a rooted device.

Cocospy has been highly rated by customers across the globe; used by a million people in over 190 countries! It is completely safe, secure, and reliable when tracking your loved ones and employees. Keep tabs on the most important aspects of your life using the Cocospy spy application, WITHOUT even having to jailbreak or root your devices.

To top it all off, do it 100% discreetly with Cocospy’s stealth mode. Being one of the most stealthy spy apps, this is perfect for maintaining the trust between you and your loved ones, but also maintaining your peace of mind. Cocospy is available for both iOS and Android devices. Please read the following detailed Cocospy Review to find out if this is the right spy application for you!

Cocospy Advantages

Cocospy has an affluence of advantages compared to other spy applications on the market. The Cocospy manufacturers have worked hard to find ways to keep Cocospy available to customers who are not tech savvy and might not know the ins and outs of their mobile devices.

Here are a few advantages of the Cocospy Spy Application:

  1. There is no jailbreaking or rooting required when you are installing the app. Jailbreaking or rooting is often required with other spy applications for certain features to work. This isn’t the case with Cocospy. Making it more attractive to families who just don’t want to go through the process and deal with the possible repercussions of jailbreaking their devices.
  2. Not only is no jailbreak or root required with the Cocospy application BUT this application is also 100% guaranteed undetectable. Cocospy’s stealth mode is extremely reliable and totally concealed. It can also easily be removed from a device remotely in just 1 click!
  3. As with other spy applications, one of the most important aspects that we look for when trying to make the decision of what is the best spy application is that of the customer service lines! Cocospy comes with highly reputable, 27/7 customer service representatives who are knowledgeable, friendly, and patient with their customers. The Cocospy spy application even offers a 60 money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

These are the top three advantages of Cocospy. Read on to find more advantages, features and other information the Cocospy Spy application.

Cocospy Compatibility

Cocospy is available for use with Android devices on versions 4.0 and higher. The manufacturer’s of Cocospy have worked endlessly to allow this spy application to be used without rooting an Android device. This application has the most features with unrooted or jailbroken devices compared to other spy applications.

Cocospy is available for iOS users running any version of iOS. There are some features that are unavailable to users spying on iOS devices. You can see a list of these features below.

Keep track of what really matters in the lives of your loved ones and your employees using the Cocospy spy application without the process of jailbreaking or rooting. This is one of the only applications that provides all of it’s features for Android and most features for iOS without jailbreaking or rooting.

Cocospy Reviews of Features:

Cocospy Call tracking:

Call tracking gives you the ability to track calls being both made and received. Cocospy allows you to do this completely remote using any registered device.

Cocospy SMS tracking

Along with call tracking, you are also able to track text messages and iMessages between devices. Through Cocospy’s SMS tracking parents and employers will be able to read incoming and outgoing messages, access deleted messages, view attached timestamps, and even browse MMS media files.

Cocospy Location Tracking

Location tracking is, of course, an extremely important feature when thinking about spy applications. With the Cocospy spy app, you are able to easily and discreetly track the GPS-based location of the device being monitored. You can check both current and past locations using the Cocospy spy application. You are able to not only track the exact GPS location but also see the entry and exit times of the location and read the addresses and geographical coordinates of your loved ones or employees.

If you are worried about what your children may be doing and if you’re thinking they may be going places they shouldn’t, then this is the perfect application for keeping an eye on them. While also boosting your confidence and helping to build your trust in them.

It is also perfect for employers who are using the Coco spy application to track employees who may be traveling for work. Or employees who haven’t come into work for whatever reason, boosting your trust in your employees and making sure that your beloved company stays strong.

Cocospy’s location tracking feature is easy to use! Once you have an account and subscription set up:

  • you can find the Location option on the list of features on the left side of the Cocospy Dashboard
  • The phones you’ve chosen to monitor will show up directly on the map, displayed as little pins.
  • When you click on the pins you will be able to see the geographical and location information of this device
  • Below the map, you will be able to see the locations log which will tell you the exact locations that your loved ones or employees have visited.
  • This can all be done 100% remotely with the Cocospy Spy Application!

Cocospy Location Tracking

Cocospy Geofencing

The Cocospy geofencing alert allows you to set virtual geographical boundaries that your loved ones or employees are not able to cross. If these boundaries are crossed then you will get real-time alerts!

Geofencing allows parents and employees to set up virtual boundaries using the map on their Cocospy Dashboard. You are able to mark specific zones on the map.

  1. On your Cocospy Dashboard, mark patrolled areas
    1. if a loved one enters this area you will get an alert and you will be able to watch and see what they are doing in the location. Tracking to make sure they are safe and on task.
  2. On your Cocospy Dashboard set forbidden zones
    1. Enable yourself to set a different alert sound, so you know exactly which forbidden zone your loved one or employee has entered. This will allow you to act immediately and prevent any damage or dangers from happening.

The Geofencing feature is easy to use with the Cocospy Android spy application, unfortunately, this feature is not supported with the iOS operating system.

As with the location tracking, you will need to set up an account and subscription with the Cocospy Android spy application. From there;

  • you will find the option for geofencing in the list of features, directly below the location tracking option.
  • Just like with the location tracking features; the geofencing feature is also shown as a map.
  • The device being monitored will show up as a pin on the map and you can set up geofences from here.
  • You will not only get real-time alerts, but there will also be a log of time stamps, for each time this area is entered, and exited.

Cocospy Geofencing

Cocospy Message Tracking

Like other spy applications Cocospy allows you to track numerous messaging platforms. Use Cocospy to track messaging apps such as;

Facebook: Remote monitoring

  • Read all messages sent and received on the Facebook messaging platform
  • View all group chats that your loved ones may be involved in with timestamps
  • Unfortunately, Facebook monitoring does not work on iOS devices

Cocospy Facebook: Remote monitoring

WhatsApp: Remote monitoring

  • Read all sent and received messages on the Whatsapp messaging platform
  • View the timestamps of messages
  • Cocospy allows you to view media sent and received through the Whatsapp messaging platform.

This feature works with both Cocospy Android and Cocospy iOS – no jailbreak or root required!

Cocospy WhatsApp: Remote monitoring

Snapchat: Remote monitoring

  • Read all messages that are exchanged through the Snapchat messaging platform
  • Check for contact details of your loved ones Snapchat friends
  • Conversation timestamps available

This feature is available through Cocospy Android, but it is only available to iOS devices that have been jailbroken

Cocospy app - Snapchat: Remote monitoring

Instagram: Remote monitoring

  • Cocospy allows you to check sent and received messages through the Instagram messaging platform
  • View contacts remotely
  • Get the start and end timestamps of conversation threads

This feature of Cocospy is only supported with Android devices

Cocospy - Instagram: Remote monitoring

Viber: Remote Tracking

  • Read all private and group chats; receive timestamps
  • View call records and contact names and numbers
  • This feature only works with the Cocospy android spy application and cannot be used with iOS device

Messenger Tracking is an integral feature when choosing a spy application. Messenger tracking is necessary and legal. It is essential when shielding our loved ones from, cyberbullying, online predators and scammers. Children are very susceptible to these awful online dangers, it is important as a parent or guardian to monitor what our children are going through online. They have a habit of being very good at keeping their online lives private and that can be dangerous, and could cause problems in the overall enjoyment of their childhood.

As for employees, Messenger Tracking is important for monitoring their tenacities during work hours. You are also able to monitor the messages being sent and identify any employees who may be showing disloyal behaviors to your company.

The Messenger Tracking feature can boost your confidence in both your children’s and employees safety, ethics and activities online.

Cocospy’s Stealth Mode:

When making a decision about which spy application is right for you, stealth mode is a very important feature depending on your personal spy application requirements. Some users find stealth mode to be a little bit too secretive, but it is also essential when keeping our children safe and confidence in our employees.

We all know how children can be when it comes to keeping secrets and keeping their online lives private. Especially when they are scared about things that they may not fully understand yet. As parents and guardians it has always been our jobs to educate, monitor and prevent our children from coming into contact with situations completely out of their control. With the online world this has become much more difficult as caregivers. Therefore, it is our job to take back our control and keep our children safe. With stealth mode we are able to do just that, without alerting our children and seeming over bearing.

With our employees, sometimes we may lose our confidence and trust. It may be hard to gain it back and our businesses must come first. That’s why it is ethically acceptable to spy on your employees when they are using a company issued device. This will allow you to higher your confidence and peace of mind, but maintain their trust in you.

Cocospy’s Stealth Mode Attributes:

  • Undetectably track GPS locations
  • Monitor messages and media without anyone knowing
  • Discreetly take a look at social media activity
  • Works with both Cocospy Android and Cocospy iOS
    • With Cocospy Android you will need physical access to the device being monitored in order to set up Cocospy

Cocospy’s Website History Tracker

Tracking browser history is a very important aspect of protecting our children and monitoring our employees. In a world where children can be anyone they want on the web or be in contact with anyone they want it is challenging to keep up with their changing personalities.     With Cocospy’s website history tracker you can easily figure out exactly why their moods may be fluctuating. It is also a way to make sure that they are not in contact with any scamming website, websites that could potentially hold online predators and monitor experiences they may be having with bullies.

Along with monitoring our children, Cocospy’s website history tracker is an important feature for monitoring our employees. This is a way to track their usage of the internet during work. You can see exactly which websites they are browsing and when they are using them. If an employee is using their work time to look for new jobs or share information with competitors. The Cocospy website history tracking feature can help you to monitor their website history and keep your business safe.

Cocospy website history

You are able to track a user’s browser history directly from the Cocospy Dashboard. It is easy to track any device once the Cocospy application is installed. Along with the other features Cocospy’s website history tracker is found on the left side of the web browser.

After locating the browser history feature you will be able to get the specifics of the user’s web usage. Through Cocospy’s website history tracker you are able to get:

  • the website URL
  • the website’s title/description
  • visit frequency
  • bookmarks and even timestamps.

Cocospy’s Web History Tracker Attributes:

    • View a list of the most-visited websites
    • Read descriptions for each website visited
    • Disclose timestamps and bookmarks
  • Works with both Android and iOS devices

Cocospy’s SIM Tracker

A SIM tracker is a key feature for the Cocospy application. With this feature you are able to track the target device if it is lost. You are even notified when the user switches the SIM card or mobile number. If someone changes the SIM card Cocospy will record the information and send the details of the new SIM directly to the device you are using Cocospy on.

Using Cocospy’s SIM card tracker is easy enough for anyone to do. Like the other features you will find the SIM card page on the left side of the Cocospy Dashboard screen. You can access the monitor phone’s SIM card information directly from here. You can look at the details and you can also view the SIM card locations. This is a perfect feature to use if the device was lost or stolen.

Cocospy’s SIM Tracker

Check Cocospy’s SIM CARD Attributes:

  • View network/carrier details
  • See network-based location
  • Check the IMEI number
  • Be notified when the SIM is changed

Cocospy Android V.S. Cocospy iOS

Cocospy Feature:

Cocospy Android

Cocospy iOS

Call Tracker
Track SMS
Track Location
Geofence Alert
Track FB Messages
WhatsApp Spy
Snapchat Spy
Instagram Spy
Viber Spy
Stealth Mode
Track Website History
Track SIM Location

How Much does Cocospy Cost?

One downfall of Cocospy is that there is no free trial, but Cocospy offers very competitive prices when compared with other spy applications. Cocospy is such a unique spy application because when using an Android device there is no rooting necessary for the use of all of the features. With iOS there are still some features that are not available before jailbreaking the device. 

As for most spy applications the Cocospy Spy Application is broken down into different pricing plans. There are three different packages that you can purchase for Android and iOS device.

CocoSpy Android Pricing Packages:

  • Cocospy Android’s Premium Plan starts at just $9.99 / Month
  • Cocospy Android’s Basic Plan starts at just $39.99 / Month
  • Cocospy Android’s Family Plan starts at just $69.99 / Month

CocoSpy iOS Pricing Packages:

  • Cocospy for iOS’s Premium plan starts at just $9.99 / Month
  • Cocospy for iOS’s Basic plan starts at just $39.99 / Month
  • Cocospy for iOS’s family plan starts at just 69.99 / Month

Cocospy’s Money Back Guarantee

Not only does Cocospy have some very competitive, affordable and reliable prices, but they also offer a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

A promise from Cocospy: 

“If you are not satisfied with out product within 60 days, simply contact us for a refund.”

Even though there is not a given free-trial, Cocospy’s Money Back Guarantee gives you the chance to try out the product without any hassle if it doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Installation of CocoSpy

The installation of Cocospy is simple, you will just have to follow a few steps and prompts. The installation prompts will guide you through the entire process. Of course, there are different processes for Cocospy Android and Cocospy for iOS. After the proper installation of Cocospy you will be ready to protect your children and your business.

How Do You Use the Cocospy Spy Application on an Android Phone?

First off, you will need to make a decision on which subscription plan fits your demands best. Once you purchase a subscription you are ready to begin the process of installing and spying on your target device.

The next step of installation is connecting the device that will be monitored. You will need access to the target phone for this. This is totally legal and can be directly installed onto the device. This is something that cannot be done remotely when using an Android device.

What are the Steps Needed to Install Cocospy on Android Devices?

Step 1: Select and register your Cocospy Spy Application subscription

From the homepage of https://www.cocospy.com you will find the option “Sign Up Now’ ; here you are able to create an account

Cocospy main page of website

After clicking “Sign Up Now’ you will brought to the “Create your Cocospy account” page. Enter the email and password you would like to use with your CocoSpy account.

Create your Cocospy account

For an Android device select the Android emoticon.

This is where you will have the option to buy a subscription plan. The Pricing plans will be displayed for Android devices. You can choose whichever plan fits your personal wants and needs best.

After making the decision about which package you would like to buy; click “BUY NOW” and follow the prompts of the purchasing details.

  • Step 1: Choose the license you would like to purchase and click “Buy Now”
  • Step 2: Choose the country you are located in and enter the correct geographical location code
  • Step 3: Choose a payment method and enter your credentials and complete the purcahse

How to buy cocospy

After the payment process is completed you will be redirected to the Setup Wizard

Cocospy set up Setup Wizard

  • In the Setup Wizard you will be guided through the entire process; from this screen you will name the device to be monitored
  • After the device(s) is (are) named you will need access to the target phone that will be monitored
  • From this phone you will need to go into your > ”Settings” > “Lock screen and security”
  • On this screen you will need to enable the “Unknown Sources” function.
  • A popup will show that you will be at more risk to unknown sources by enabling this function > Click “OK” to this pop up

Cocospy settings set up

Step 2: Time to Install the CocoSpy App on the Target phone

  1. In the Setup Wizard there will be a download link that will take you directly the Cocospy Android Spy Application; when the link is slid to the right → the download will begin
  2. After the completion of the download you will be able to find the Android Application (APK) file from the devices “Notifications” pop-up window; it can also be located in the “downloads” folder.
  3. From here click “INSTALL” ; after the installation is complete click “OPEN”
  4. You will be prompted to read and agree with the Privacy Policy and EULA; click agree; enter your username and password and then the Cocospy Android spy application Setup Wizard will take you through the rest of the installation process

Note: In order for the application to work correctly you must allow all permission requests

Install the CocoSpy App on the Target phone

Step 2.5: Activate CocoSpy Android Spy Application Stealth Mode
  1. After allowing all of the permission requests; the last step in the Setup Wizard is to hide or not hide the application on the target phone
  2. Check the box that works best with your preferences
  3. After checking Hide the application the app will be in stealth mode and the application will be hidden
  4. In order to reactivate the application on the target phone you can dial **001**

Step 3: Using the Control Panel to track Android Data

  1. You have now finished the installation on the target phone and it is time to move back to your phone to complete the entire installation process
  2. Cocospy’s Android Spy Application Setup Wizard will now be back on your control panel dashboard; This is how your dashboard should look

Cocospy finish instalation

Note: This could take several seconds or minutes for the device to sync all of the information 

  1. Once the sync is finished, you will be brought back to your dashboard. It is now time to explore all of the features that are now available to you through the Cocospy Android Spy Application. Keep your children safe, monitor your employees, and most importantly; keep your sanity.

How Do You Use the Cocospy

First off, you will need to make a decision on which subscription plan fits your demands best. Once you purchase a subscription you are ready to begin the process of installing and spying on your target device.

The next step of installation is connecting the device that will be monitored. In order to install Cocospy iOS spy application you will need both the iCloud account ID and password of the target device. For this installation YOU DO NOT need to access the target device. The entire installation process can be completed remotely with the iCloud ID and password.

What Are the Steps to Install the Cocospy iOS Application on an iPhone or iPad?

Step 1: Create a Cocospy Spy application account

  1. Create your account by entering an email and password
  2. In order to create an account you will need to choose a subscription package

Step 2: Follow the Cocospy iOS Spy Application Setup Wizard

  1. After purchasing a subscription for Cocospy you will receive an email
  2. The following link will be in the email sent to you from the Cocospy Spy application: “Start monitoring” → Click this to enter the control panel
  3. You will be prompted to name the target phone and give some basic information about the target → See below
  4. For the mobile device you must select “iOS(iCloud)”
  5. Next, the Cocospy iOS setup wizard will prompt you to enter the ICloud ID credentials of the target phone
  6. Select the target iOS device you will be monitoring and click next
  7. CONGRATULATIONS! The Cocospy iOS spy application setup wizard is complete, click start and then you are ready to start tracking your monitored iPhone or iPad.

Is the Cocospy Spy Application the right choice for me?

The Cocospy spy application is a parental control, tracking and remote surveillance spying application. Stealth mode is highly rated and applicable to devices without rooting or jailbreaking. This application is an affordable and reliable option when deciding on which spy application is the best for your family, loved ones, or business.

Monitor phones and tablets 100% remotely. Cocospy can be used with both Android and iOS devices, it can be installed and ready within minutes. Cocospy is used to keep an eye on both your children and your employees. We all know how scary of a place the online world can be. Children can easily be lost in it, keep up with your parental duties and make sure they are using it safely. Moreover, track your employees and protect business secrets, monitor employee work time, and keep your business safe. Cocospy is equipped with advanced monitoring features that are easy to use.

The Cocospy application has been reviewed as highly trusted and reliable. Cocospy has more available features through Android devices, without being rooted. There are features not available to iOS users that have devices that are not jailbroken. Cocospy has worked endlessly to develop the right algorithms to give you confidence in the Cocospy Android Spy Application that you are completely hidden from the device being monitored and all features are available to you without having to root either device being used.

This application is also packed with amazing customer accommodations. The Cocospy spy application provides all of its customers with a 60-day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with Cocospy within 60 days, contact customer support and a refund will be given. On top of this, Cocospy offers 24/7 customer support. Contact customer support at any time for assistance with troubleshooting, or general questions.

The final choice, of course, comes at your discretion. We highly recommend this app to families who are looking for an affordable spy application, are worried about their children or their businesses, or just want to be more involved in the online worlds of their loved ones. This Cocospy Review has given you a plethora of information about the Cocospy spy application. If you are still unconvinced, check out our other spy application reviews to help you make your decision.


  • How do you use Cocospy application?

    • Cocospy is easy to install and use! In order to use Cocospy you must first create an account and purchase a subscription. Find our detailed analysis of each subscription here.
    • Use your existing ID as the username and log into your account; choose the operating system of the device you will install the Cocospy spy application on.
    • There is a different installation process for Cocospy iOS and Cocospy Android
    • Installing Cocospy on an iPhone or iPad is as simple as two steps!
    • With an iOS device you will only need the iCloud information of the target device; iCloud ID and password. With this information you are able to remotely install the Cocospy spy application on the device
    • Installation on an Android device has a few more steps and you will need access to the device to be monitored, but the Cocospy Android Spy Application Setup Wizard will walk you through the entire installation process on both the phone to be monitored and on the device you will use.
    • Once you have installed the Cocospy application on the devices that are to be monitored, you can enter stealth mode and become completely hidden from the target device.
    • Through the dashboard on your device you are able to easily navigate through the phone that is being monitored; the dashboard is easy for anyone to read and navigate. Making it very preferable by less technological skilled parents or business owners.
    •  The Cocospy spy application is used to keep your children safe from the dangers of the online world. While it can also be used to keep your business safe from employees that may put it into harm’s way, or just to make sure that your employees are being safe and using their time wisely while at work. Overall, Cocospy is an easy to use application available at an affordable price.
  • How Much does the Cocospy App Cost Per Package?

    Cocospy is one of the most affordable spy applications, offering a plethora of features on the market! Cocospy works differently than most spy applications because there is no requirement of jailbreaking or rooting the device. All of Cocospy’s features are available to Android devices with no rooting. There are some features that are unavailable to iOS devices that are not jailbroken.

    Cocospy offers different subscription plans for Android, iOS, business and basic. Cocospy’s pricing also differs between the monthly licenses that you purchase.

    Cocospy Android Spy Application Pricing:

    • Cocospy Android’s Premium Plan starts at just $9.99 / Month
    • Cocospy Android’s Basic Plan starts at just $39.99 / Month
    • Cocospy Android’s Family Plan starts at just $69.99 / Month

    Cocospy Spy Application for iOS Pricing:

    • Cocospy for iOS’s Premium plan starts at just $9.99 / Month
    • Cocospy for iOS’s Basic plan starts at just $39.99 / Month
    • Cocospy for iOS’s family plan starts at just $69.99 / Month

    As you can see Cocospy offers plans for a variety of users. Making it available, affordable and applicable to the current lives of your family or business. Overall, Cocospy is totally affordable for all of the features it offers to Android users. Compared to more expensive spy applications Cocospy is a great choice.

  • Can Cocospy be Detected on the Device Being Monitored?

    Cocospy has an incredible reputation and amazing reviews about its Stealth mode. Cocospy can be used to spy on Android and iOS devices. Cocospy’s features are offered to both of these operating systems WITHOUT BEING JAILBROKEN OR ROOTED. Making it one of the most popular spy applications throughout the world. Cocospy lives up to its promise of being undetectable and reliable to its users.

  • Can the Cocospy Spy Application be Installed Remotely?

    The Cocospy Spy application can be installed remotely on an iOS device; iPhone or iPad. It is installed using the devices iCloud ID; iCloud username and password. With this information you are able to install Cocospy Spy Application utterly remote.

    Unfortunately, the Cocospy Spy application is not available for remote installation when using an Android device. You will need to manually install the Cocospy Android spy application on the Android device to be monitored. Once the installation is complete, you can switch the application to be completely hidden. The device user will not be able to find the application once the device is installed and set into Cocospy’s stealth mode

Cocospy App Reviews

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